I’m a freelance writer and content coach with over 15 years of professional writing experience. 

I specialize in helping businesses and organizations to connect with their target markets through copy and content for both web-based and print media.

I've written in a variety of professional capacities — from website copy for businesses, to articles for national online magazines, to video scripts, to grants for non-profits. I'm an expert at finding the compelling stories in any topic and presenting them in a concise way that readers easily grasp.

I'm also the founder of the Asheville Creative League, an online directory of local creative professionals.

Originally from Washington state, I earned an English degree from Oberlin College. Then I spent a decade in New York City before moving to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, in 2010.


There are a lot of writers out there; why should you choose me? Here are three values that guide my work:


Over the years, I've worked with a huge variety of businesses and organizations. As a result, I know what questions to ask, and can offer fresh ideas that put you ahead of your competition.

I also know how powerful an outside perspective can be. Business owners are often too close to their businesses to recognize the aspects that make them shine. I can help you find yours.


On the surface, many businesses look the same. But digging deeper, we'll uncover the story that makes your business stand out.

A large part of my process is learning everything I can about your business. You get content that tells your business' authentic story and is custom-made to appeal to your customers.


You can ask anyone who knows me: I don’t flake out. I hold myself to extremely high standards, which include interacting on a professional level and following through on my commitments.

I don’t have any patience for being stood up or let down — and you shouldn’t either! You have a right to clear communication and quality work.

Anna is hard working, dedicated, honest, creative, and one of the best writers I have encountered in my professional career. I highly recommend her.
— Katherine Snider, Lower East Side Tenement Museum