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If you’re ready to go all in – to define your brand AND write website copy that puts it into action – this is for you.

In just 8 weeks you’ll go from being confused and frustrated (maybe even downright embarrassed!) to knowing with mind-blowing clarity exactly what you do, who you serve, and what to say to them so they’re like, “YUP.”

Oh – and you’ll have totally fresh copy for your whole freaking website. #nobigdeal

Buh-bye, crappy clients, mish-mash messaging, and embarrassing websites.

We’re taking it up a notch.

where you are now

  • You're having trouble communicating about what you do and can't seem to get other people excited about it.

  • You’re ashamed of your website. It's an outdated, inconsistent hodgepodge. You cringe every time you look at it, and you get nervous when you hear that a potential client has visited your site.

  • When you try to write your website copy, you freeze up. You agonize over every word, and you’re struggling with how to describe yourself and your business without sounding vain or boring.

  • "Write new website copy" has been on your to-do list forever, but it’s not getting done. Even though you know it's important, it keeps falling to the bottom of your priorities.

  • You’re thinking about specializing, pivoting, or narrowing your niche – but you’re scared of limiting yourself and turning away money.

  • You aren't sure how to organize your website or how much content it should even have.. How many pages? How many words per page? What goes where?

  • You're competing based on price and aren’t sure how to get out of that vicious cycle.

  • You have a vague sense that you’re missing something in your brand and content, but you’re not sure what.

  • All of this uncertainty is clouding your confidence. “If I’m so good at this work, why am I so bad at communicating about it?”

where you want to be

  • You want to update, focus, or overhaul your brand and content based on what you’ve learned so far about your clients, your strengths, and your long-term goals.

  • You want to do more of the work you like, and less of the work you don’t enjoy. You want to be pickier about the clients and projects you accept. No more crappy clients!

  • You want to win more clients based on copy that expresses your true value, tells your story, and clearly explains your offerings – instead of competing on price alone.

  • You want a website that you’re actually proud of instead of one that makes you want to hide under your desk in embarrassment.

  • You want someone to provide accountability as you develop your brand and content so you can finally get this project off your to-do list.

  • You want a second pair of eyes to review what you write and check for clarity, style, grammar, and typos – and to make sure your copy supports your brand and goals.

  • You want to be more confident about the way you present your business to the world, and able to explain it in a way that excites people (instead of confusing or boring them!)

  • You want a foundation for building a marketing strategy that feels purposeful and cohesive, not random and wishy-washy.

  • You’re ready to add a new skill to your business toolbox. You want to learn the basics of branding and content creation so you can take your business to the next level.

  • You want a renewed sense of purpose and energy in your work so you can kick even more ass!

Sam headshot.jpg
Before I hired Anna, I had a hard time expressing what my company does, and that was reflected in my website copy. Anna helped me develop a way of talking about my work that target clients can understand and see value in. I was able to then write new copy that addresses my clients’ specific frustrations.

Now, when clients come across my website, I spend far less time explaining what I do and why they should pay for it. Instead we discuss how we can get moving on a project. My website copy does the pitch for me!
— Samantha Raddatz, Logic Dept.

What we’ll accomplish together

  • Dig into your personal story and find new ways to connect it to your work – so who you are and what you do are more fully integrated.

  • Define a really strong target market that both simplifies and amplifies your business. (Pssst... this one all by itself is a game changer!)

  • Develop a mission statement that keeps you focused on the change you want to make in the world.

  • Uncover the values that underscore everything you do, how you work, and who you work with – in terms that are genuine, not cliche.

  • Craft an elevator pitch that makes talking about your business easy, not embarrassing.

  • Define your client standards to make sure you don't ever work with a crappy client again.

  • Write copy for your “Services” page that speaks directly to your clients’ problems, goals, and feelings.

  • Write an “About” page that connects your life to your work in a way that’s meaningful, not “dear-diary”-esque.

  • Write content for your “Home” page that makes an immediate impact on your visitors.

  • Boost your confidence about what you're doing, who it's for, and how to attract the work that lights you up.

  • Start to identify marketing opportunities that will get your business in front of the right people.

Screen shot 2018-02-21 at 1.51.53 PM.png
Anna’s help with my website copy was invaluable. She helped me put aside my wavering on how to structure and organize it, and her ease with words is simply amazing. She’s very easy to work with and I highly recommend her services. I’m happy as a clam with how everything turned out!
— Lenka Hattaway, Lenka Hattaway Photography


  • You’ll have 8 one-on-one phone sessions with me. We’ll really dig into your unique business, find patterns and threads that pull your brand together, and develop your new website copy together. Each session is 60 minutes long, and they’re spaced about a week apart. This pace ensures we keep the momentum going, but also gives you time to process what we’ve discussed and do some “homework” between calls.

  • In the early sessions, we’ll work on clarifying your brand. This work will include discussion and homework on your background, mission, values, target market, and elevator pitch.

  • In the later sessions, we’ll write your website copy. First, I’ll help you outline your web pages, and organize the information that will go on each page. Then, you’ll have several homework assignments for drafting the copy yourself.

  • You’ll also receive 3 hours of copy editing and proofreading services. That means once you’ve done the writing, I’ll get into the document myself and make suggestions for revisions.

  • After each phone session, I’ll send you session summary emails that includes key takeaways, your homework assignment, and a link to the call recording, so you can listen again whenever you want.

  • You’ll also have unlimited email support between sessions (in case you have questions as you’re doing your homework) so you’ll be fully supported throughout the process.

For an investment of $3,199, we’ll bring you brand clarity and create website copy
that attracts more of the clients you want to work with most! 

(Yup, payment plans are available.)

Anna helped me to really look at my business, determine what my business is all about, what makes me different from others who do the same thing, and to understand why I do what I do. She helped me fine tune my copy so that it contained my thoughts, ideas, and goals, but had a better flow.
— Linnae Harris, Photographer


Who is this package best for?

I work only with solo entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses. So if you're a freelancer, consultant, etc. then it's a good fit! You'll get the most out of this package if you've already been in business for a couple years, because by then you've done enough experimenting to have a better understanding of what kinds of clients and projects you like best.

What if I'm not a great writer?

You don't have to be a fantastic writer! I find that most of my clients struggle with writing their website copy because they don't know where to start, and they can't see the forest for the trees because they're too close to their business. I can help with both of those things. And I'll give lots of feedback along the way so you end up with writing you're really proud of.

That being said, if you really HATE writing, then this is not the process for you. In that case, I'd recommend outsourcing to a copy writer.

What's the time commitment of this process?

You'll have an hour-long phone session each week (these usually take place on Mon/Weds/Fri afternoons), plus 1-2 hours of homework between each call. I’ve structured this package so we knock out a ton of work in just 8 to 10 weeks – but I also know it can’t take over your life.

Keep in mind that the homework in the early sessions will generally take less time than the homework in the last few weeks (since that's when you'll be doing the actual writing of your copy).

I also put an expiration date in each of my contracts to ensure that you get this project off your to-do list in a timely manner! So if you've got something big coming up in your life, plan to finish this process before then, or wait until after.

What's it like to work with you?

Every day, I encourage my clients to be "more themselves" in their work – and I aim to do the same, by bringing my full personality to our sessions. I'm fairly blunt, I have a dry sense of humor, and I tend to drop f-bombs all over the place. But I'm also a very sensitive person who understands how emotional this process can be, and I leave plenty of space for those feelings.

I consider it my job to challenge you – to think more deeply and personally about your work than you ever have before, to commit to the things that really fulfill you, and to communicate with clarity so you can serve your clients (and yourself!) best. So I’m going to push back on your assumptions and perceived limitations. But I'm also your biggest cheerleader; nothing gets me more excited than my clients' successes!

I hired Anna because I was struggling with telling people (via conversations and my website) what I do in a succinct way that wasn’t buzzwordy and generic.

At first I was skeptical that Anna could actually see things about my business that I couldn’t. But she really did! She caught things that I would never have thought to include or focus on in my copy. She pulled stuff out of my head and helped me get it on the page – in my own voice.

At the end of the Clarity + Content package, I’m so proud to have a website (that I wrote myself!) that prospects are really responding to, as well as an elevator pitch that makes my networking and sales conversations so much less awkward. Both of these tools are making a huge difference in being able to filter the wrong clients out, and pull the right ones in.

Anna’s awesome, and working with her was really fun. I would absolutely recommend her services to entrepreneurs who want to claim their expertise, write like a human, and stand out from the sea of competitors.
— Susan Boles, ScaleSpark

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