Case Study: Taija Ventrella


“My new website copy is GOLD. I’m finding my people! My schedule is as full as I want it to be; I'm literally having to turn people away.”



Taija Ventrella is a personal trainer who had been in business for 4 years when she came to me for help. Her business was doing OK and she was getting some clients. But she wanted to get more clients who were the perfect match. 

I was struggling to reach my ideal clients — women and queer people who felt disenfranchised from the gym scene. But I was also afraid of alienating my more typical fitness clients, who I thought of as my bread and butter.

She was unsatisfied with the current state of her website copy, and knew she’d have to improve it if she wanted to compete with other personal trainers. So she sought outside help.

I worked with a few different business coaches. One encouraged me to let my freak flag fly, but then wrote salesy web copy that sounded like it was straight out of a cheesy 80s aerobic video. 

Another edited my writing into something that was disjointed, with no flow, and cut out all of the most unique parts. There was no focus on the organization of ideas or even website sections. 

I walked away from all that and started over with Anna.



Once we began working together, we dug into Taija’s back story, refined her values and mission, and crafted an elevator pitch that would help her have more effective conversations. Then we got to work on her website copy. 

Taija’s strong personal values and unique approach to fitness became the backbone of her messaging. But putting herself out there so personally felt vulnerable at times.

It was really scary letting my true self shine through in my brand. I’m a black sheep in the fitness world, and I always felt like I had to hide my weirdness to prosper in my industry. Anna showed me that wasn’t true.

It was hard to believe that letting out my unique, weird self would help my business, but it really did.

Taija fully committed to her niche and did an amazing job writing her copy. After completing our work together, she hired a web designer to upgrade her visual branding and build her beautiful new website. 


A few months later, Taija’s new messaging and website copy have completely transformed her business.

I’m finding my people! My schedule is as full as I want it to be; I’m literally having to turn people away!

My new website copy is GOLD. It’s beautiful, raw, and makes people emotional.

When I talk to a new client on the phone, half of the time they tell me they saw my website and stopped looking — they knew I was exactly who they wanted to work with, and they’re already sold on my services.

Plus, having clear messaging has affected more than just her client roster. It’s had a powerful impact on every aspect of her work and life.

My job is more fun since I’m only working with people who I like and enjoy spending time with. 

My clients are getting better results and sticking to their programs since they’re with a trainer who they have fun and feel comfortable with. 

And my increased confidence has spread into other areas of my life. Here I am, my weird, unique self. Love it or leave it, world!

Looking back, Taija says she wouldn’t change a thing.

The price tag of working with Anna seemed high to me initially and I wasn’t sure if I could swing it, but it has been SO worth it. 

I’m not a writer myself and am still somewhat confused about how I wrote website copy that makes people emotional and makes them want to give me thousands of dollars to work with me, but here we are! 

Working with Anna was a 10/10 experience.

To see the outcome of our work together, check out Taija’s website.


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