Case Study: Brian Plain


“My client base has increased by 35% since I started working with Anna. In fact, this summer was my best ever — despite the fact that I scaled back my hours.”



Brian Plain is a certified financial planner who came to me for messaging help after 10 years in business.  He was frustrated because who he is and what he’s all about wasn’t translating to his website copy.

My website was attracting potential clients who were interested in my financial planning services, but they weren’t always the best fit for the services I offer. I also felt like my copy didn’t match up with the face-to-face experience I had with potential clients.

I’ve tried so many different approaches to content over my 10 years in business. I’ve written my own and had others write it for me. My last endeavor was having someone else write it for me and while I loved the work provided, it just didn’t ring true as being “me.”

And it wasn’t just his website; Brian also struggled with his messaging in conversations.

I knew what I did was different from your average financial planner but I struggled to articulate that difference in a way that was understandable, comfortable to say, and didn’t come across as salesy.



As we dug into our work together, Brian refined his mission, values, niche, and his unique approach to financial planning.

The biggest challenge was breaking out of the old mold I had created for myself. Anna was super helpful there as she challenged me to dig deeper on what made me, “me.” That helped me zero in on who I was uniquely qualified to serve best and more articulate about how I help.

Anna truly listened, but also called me out on my bullshit and didn’t let me hide behind cop-out answers. She did this through great questions so I didn’t feel attacked but rather introspective. I think it can be intimidating to think about writing your own copy but Anna took away those fears in short order.

After we completed this stage of our work together, Brian hired a designer to overhaul his website.

I needed a design that reflected my new messaging. During the design process, when my initial redesign was coming off as way too corporate and off-brand, Anna didn’t hesitate to speak up and let me know. Because of that, I’m much happier with the final design.

Once Brian was done with his Messaging Makeover, I’ve continued to provide support as an editor and sounding board for his email marketing and blog posts.

Having Anna as part of my team is a huge benefit and relief. As a solo business owner, it’s so easy to get stuck in my own head. Being able to bounce ideas off her and knowing she’s there to help keep me accountable, on-brand, and on the path we laid out is so valuable. It’s the perfect happy medium between doing my own writing and outsourcing it.

Since she started helping me with my bi-monthly newsletter and blog posts, I’ve seen a huge uptick in engagement around my content through both compliments and conversations that weren’t happening previously.

In fact, my blog was featured in a specialty website for financial advisors as an example of a blog that conveys personality and builds trust with its readers.



Today, Brian’s new website copy, content, and messaging are helping his business grow in exactly the way he hoped.

Today, my business is growing at a more steady and consistent pace. My client base has increased by 35% since I started working with Anna.

I’m seeing more and more potential clients come to me directly from my website instead of exclusively relying on referrals. It’s awesome to know that I have this online marketing machine working for me.

In fact, this summer was my best ever in terms of incoming leads and new clients. And this was in spite of the fact that I had purposefully scaled back my hours to spend more time with my family (after the birth of our second child).

And it’s not just the quantity of clients that has increased, but also the quality.

Having my messaging focused on my niche — Gen X families that want to live better financially and emotionally — has been a real game changer. Now when potential clients reach out about working together, they’re pre-qualified via my website copy.

This means less time spent — for both clients and myself — figuring out whether or not we’re a good fit. Instead, we’re simply confirming it. And the clients coming on board are the ones I can help the best, that stand to benefit the most from my services. It’s a true win-win.

Overall, Brian says his new messaging has given him more confidence and peace of mind.

After working with Anna, my in-person self is aligned with my online persona. I’m more confident about my niche, my writing, and my ability to answer the question, “What do you do?”

Prior to working with Anna, I thought the only way I could reliably bring on ideal clients required very time consuming one-on-one, face-to-face marketing. But now that my messaging is dialed in both in-person and online, I know I can do both more effectively.

To see the outcome of our work together, check out Brian’s website.


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