Business Stories

As a freelance journalist, I've written a variety of articles on business, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Along the way, I've interviewed milkmen, luthiers, farmers, IT geeks, brewers, bakers, designers, and restaurant owners.

General Interest Stories

I also write general interest stories about everything from yard sales to ghost towns. 

I love learning about new topics, and pride myself on turning in assignments that are on time, thorough, and error-free.

Features & Shares

My stories have been featured as cover articles in local magazines, and on the homepage of Coca-Cola Journey.

My story on the tiny house movement was a top performer for the month it was published, and was shared over 350 times on Facebook. 

Recent Work

Below are a few examples of my recent work. To view my full portfolio of published articles, please visit my Contently Portfolio. (Please note that the byline for many of these articles is Anna Raddatz, which is my maiden name.)


Anna is a versatile business storyteller who is equally at ease interviewing CEOs and profiling creative entrepreneurs as she is crafting homespun, people-driven feature articles on everything from modern-day yard sales, to the tiny house movement, to the next generation of sign painters. She’s one of our go-to writers for Coca-Cola Journey for many reasons: she’s fast, thorough, dependable, low-maintenance and a pleasure to work with.
— Jay Moye, Editor, Coca-Cola Journey
Anna is an exceptional writer. She has the rare, valuable ability to to say in 10 words what others say in 30, without sacrificing the descriptive personality and voice that she brings into each piece. We have enjoyed working with her on many pieces, and I am often told by article subjects what a pleasure is it to be interviewed by her. If you are lucky enough to work with her in either capacity, just sit back and stop worrying.
— Harley Morgan, Editor, Capital at Play
We were blown away and humbled by the piece Anna wrote about our business. She did a job comparable to none. Out of the park brilliant how she took our words and wove such a perfect story. We have been fortunate enough to have quite a few articles published about us. This piece, however, nailed it. Perfect score! Thank you for such a great job.
— Jay Lichty, Lichty Guitars