Content Coaching: do it yourself, but don't go it alone

Do you have trouble talking about what you do? Do you have a website, blog, and other marketing materials to write – but don't know where to start? Tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

If you're a freelancer or consultant, let's work together to find a better way to communicate about the work you do.

I can be your personal guide to creating a content strategy for your business that's authentic to who you are, empowers you to execute your own marketing plans, and attracts your dream clients.

What is Content Coaching?

In a nutshell, I help service-based solo entrepreneurs write and talk about what they do so they can attract their dream clients. Not just more clients, but better clients. Clients and projects that align with what you're best at, and what you most enjoy doing.

Through one-on-one coaching calls, I help my clients create strong content based on a solid branding foundation. We start by getting crystal clear on brand attributes and develop an elevator pitch, mission statement, and other tools that form the heart of your brand.

The next step is to write or overhaul website content so it reflects your voice, your unique perspective, and the value you offer. From there, we can brainstorm ideas for blogging, email marketing, and/or social media. I can also give feedback on internal documents (proposals, presentations, etc.) or print materials (brochures, mailers, etc.).

Overall, I'm your sounding board, your brainstorming buddy, your planning partner, and your accountability associate! 

How does it work?

I offer a couple different coaching packages for you to choose from. Most coaching engagements consist of weekly hour-long phone calls. After each call I send an email with take-aways and concrete next steps, as well as a “homework” assignment for you to complete before our next call. This email also contains a link to a recording of our session (so you can go back and listen to any key points) and may include additional resources (worksheets, links to articles or podcasts, etc.) relevant to our discussion. The following week we will review your homework and move on to the next step.

Some clients prefer to get in and get out – they sign up for one package that helps them work on one aspect of their branding or content. Others like to have an ongoing relationship, with weekly or monthly calls. This is great for addressing new content challenges that arise over time, or can provide accountability for accomplishing long-term plans. After all, content creation is never really "done" -- as your business grows and evolves, your content needs will change as well.

Vibha Mahadeo Photographer   Great Neck, NY

Vibha Mahadeo

Great Neck, NY

Before working with Anna, I really struggled with verbalizing my thoughts about my brand. After just a couple easy conversations, it now feels great to tell people what I do – to own it! Anna helped me understand the value of my work, and pushed me to speak about my work with confidence. Now I know who I want to work with, what I have to offer them, and what to blog about. And I’m having conversations with potential clients that I never would have had before.

Anna is so easy to speak with and she really listens. She’ll ask direct and focused questions, listen, circle back, pull out words and phrases, and finally mesh them together in a perfect little sentence. It’s great to work with someone who helps you take your ideas further, rather than putting ideas and words into your mouth. I see my conversations with Anna as a huge asset to my business.

Who is coaching for?

Content coaching is a good fit for entrepreneurs who ARE their business. This is why I focus on consultants, freelancers, and other service-based solopreneurs. If a business has many employees, departments, and/or stakeholders, using a copywriter to develop content is usually the best approach. But as a so entrepreneur, your brand needs to be a reflection of you personally – your passion, your expertise, and your voice.

Entrepreneurs like this usually know that having a lot of good content is the best way to grow their online presence, land new customers, and bolster incoming referrals – but they’re unsure how to define their brand or translate it into content that’s powerful enough to drive sales.

If any of these sound familiar, coaching is a good fit for you:

  • "I'm not really sure how to describe what I do. When I try to explain it, people are either confused or downright bored.”
  • "I’m struggling with writing my website copy. I have so many ideas in my head… but I haven't been able to translate them into clear messaging."
  • "Writing new website content is on my list of things to do, but so are a million other things that seem more pressing."
  • "My field is so full of competitors that I'm not sure how to stand out."
  • "I think my business should have a blog, but I'm not sure what I should write about."
  • “I know there’s a lot of content advice out there – but none of it seems to stick. I need clear advice for my specific challenges.”

Content coaching is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • You hate the writing process and are seeking a done-for-you service to handle the actual writing of your content.
  • You have a lot of employees or stakeholders that would need to be involved in any large branding or marketing decisions.
  • You don’t have any interest in doing work on your own in-between our calls.

Linnae Harris   Photographer   Asheville, NC

Linnae Harris
Asheville, NC

I’ve been in business for seven years so I had vague sense of my purpose and messaging, but I felt like I needed to be more clear about my intentions and didn’t know how to go deeper on my own. I’m so caught up in the day to day of what I do, but to actually analyze it and get underneath and try to figure out why I do it is a whole different story. I wanted laser-focused insights to help me with my marketing, branding, etc.

At first, I thought all I needed was a copywriter. But when I saw the Brand Clarity package on Anna’s website, I knew that was the best place to begin.

Anna helped me to really look at my business, determine what my business is all about, what makes me different from others who do the same thing, and to understand why I do what I do. She asked good questions that helped me dig deeper and prioritize. When we got to the end of the process, Anna helped me fine tune my copy so that it contained my thoughts, ideas, and goals, but had a better flow.

Now, after only four sessions together, I have a clear-cut vision of what my goals are, what sets me apart and where I want to take my business. Prior to working with Anna, those were just hazy, vague ideas. I think that by narrowing my niche and being consistent with my messages, I’ll gain more business.

What outcomes can you expect?

Of course, it depends on what specific part of your business content you’d like to work on. But in general, you can expect to:

  • Have a solid foundation for attracting your dream clients – and some tools that make it easier to sell to them.
  • Spend less time answering basic questions about your business, because your website does it for you.
  • Have a concrete plan for creating marketing content with more ease. (Heck, you might even find that it's fun!)
  • Shine when you describe what you do at a networking event, conference, or cocktail party.
  • Feel a renewed sense of confidence, purpose, and energy in your work – which will make you more attractive to clients!

Why do I do this work?

I've got two answers to this question: the practical answer, and the personal answer. 

On the practical side, in my work as a freelance writer, I kept running into a few of the same challenges over and over again. First, some of the small business owners who wanted to hire me, couldn’t afford me. Their most sustainable option was to write their own content, but they didn't know how. And second, I found that most of my clients truly needed help defining their brands before any content could be written – no matter who was going to write it. So I’ve turned my past experiences – as a copywriter, business coach, journalist, communications manager, and grant writer – toward this new venture. 

On the personal side, I’ve always had a deep enthusiasm for business ideas. My friends, family, and colleagues can all attest to how excited I get when they tell me about an idea for a business, creative project, or other endeavor. Starting a business so often helps the entrepreneur to find their purpose and place in the world – an appealing idea for someone like me, who has long searched for "what I should be when I grow up." Now that I’ve found a sense of belonging and happiness in my work life, I want to help others do the same.

I help my clients recognize the unique aspects of their businesses and uncover the content they already have within themselves. I guide them toward finding their voice and the confidence to create content with purpose. And I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be empowering entrepreneurs, to see the lightbulbs go off when we uncover a powerful thread in their narrative. It gives me goosebumps!

Samantha Raddatz Information Architect   Brooklyn, NY

Samantha Raddatz
Information Architect

Brooklyn, NY

As the owner of a new consulting company, I was struggling with how to talk about what my company does and who we do it for, which I knew was losing me potential new business. Through multiple calls with Anna, I was able to dig deep and develop a strong mission statement and strategy for finding and capturing new clients in my target markets.

Anna has an uncanny way of asking insightful questions that allow me to realize deep insights about my business that I would have never gotten to alone. Anna’s abilities to adapt to my current concerns and guide me into my own discoveries are what keep me excited about my own business and eager to continue working with her.

What’s it like to work with me? 

I’m not someone who’s really into astrology, but I can’t think of a better way to describe working with me than by saying: I’m a Pisces! That’s the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces is all about duality.

In my coaching work, the two forces at work are listening and guiding. I will spend a lot of time asking you questions, listening intently to your answers, and then asking you more questions so I have a full understanding of your business, personality, and the challenges you’re dealing with. Then I'll make suggestions, challenge your assumptions, and ask you to think about your work, your clients, and your market in new ways. I’m thoughtful and sensitive, but also straightforward – and you might get a taste of my dry sense of humor. 

In addition, professionalism and commitment are very important to me. I don’t flake on calls, I do what I say I’ll do, I communicate clearly – and I expect the same from my clients. Our time together will require that you do a lot of work, both in our calls and on your own. I’m here to support and guide you, but I’m not afraid of nudging you to do your best, too!

Most of all, when you work with me, you’ll find someone who takes your passion seriously and is rooting for you all the way.

If you'd like to learn more about me, you can check out my About page, read some testimonials, or read more about my approach.

What's the next step?

Check out my coaching packages, and if you’re interested in taking the next step,

you can contact me to set up a free 30-minute discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit.


Anna has a true gift in being able to capture the heart of what you are trying to express. I would recommend her to anyone looking to tell their story in a succinct and compelling style.
— Annie Price, Birds Eye Business Planning
As part of our massive rebranding effort Anna was essential in helping us get our messaging on target. She was a pleasure to work with and we will certainly be thinking of her for our next project.
— David Tuch, Equinox Environmental