In a series of personalized, one-on-one calls, together we will uncover your brand, develop key messaging points, and create content that attracts your dream clients. 


Brand Clarity

Struggling to describe what your business does and what it stands for? Ready to be more selective about the clients and projects you accept?

This package will give your marketing efforts a powerful jump-start in just one month. If you want to focus or update your brand, and are looking for better clients and more fulfilling work, this is the place to start.


Website Content Overhaul

Are you embarrassed of your current website copy? Are you solid in your understanding of your brand, but having trouble translating that into effective content?

This 6-session package provides the motivation, guidance, and accountability you need to finally create website copy that works for your business, instead of against it.


Deluxe Website Package

Is your current website (or lack of one!) holding your business back

I’ve teamed up with designer Katie Rotanz to create this deluxe package that delivers a beautiful, brand new Squarespace website for your business – complete with copy and brand clarity – in just 90 days.


Clarity + Content

Are you ready to go all in and seriously level up your business? Want a solid brand foundation AND new website content?

This package combines both my Brand Clarity and Website Content Overhaul packages into one powerful 8-week engagement.

Coming soon!

frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

My process works best for entrepreneurs who ARE their business. This is why I focus on consultants, freelancers, and other service-based solo entrepreneurs. If a business has many employees, departments, and/or stakeholders, using a copywriter to develop content is usually the best approach. But as an independent business owner, your brand needs to be a reflection of your personally – your passion, your expertise, and your voice.

Entrepreneurs like this usually know that having a lot of good content is the best way to grow their online presence, land new customers, and bolster incoming referrals – but they’re unsure how to define their brand or translate it into content that’s powerful enough to drive sales.

I can help by being your sounding board, brainstorming partner, and accountability enforcer!

What does the process look like?

I offer a couple different  packages for you to choose from. Most engagements consist of weekly hour-long phone calls. After each call I send a summary email with take-aways and concrete next steps, as well as a “homework” assignment for you to complete before our next call. This email also contains a link to a recording of our session (so you can go back and listen to any key points) and may include additional resources (worksheets, links to articles or podcasts, etc.) relevant to our discussion. The following week we will review your homework and move on to the next step.

In the sessions, we start by getting crystal clear on brand attributes and develop an elevator pitch, mission statement, and other tools that form the heart of your brand. The next step is usually to write or overhaul website content so it reflects your voice, your unique perspective, and the value you offer. From there, we can brainstorm ideas for blogging, email marketing, and/or social media profiles. I can also give feedback on internal documents (proposals, presentations, etc.) or print materials (brochures, mailers, etc.).

Is this a one-time thing or an ongoing relationship?

Some clients prefer to get in and get out – they sign up for one package that helps them work on one aspect of their branding or content.

Others like to have a longer-term relationship, with weekly or monthly calls. (After you've completed one of my initial packages, if you're interested in working together more, I can share my menu of ongoing support packages.) This is great for addressing new  challenges that arise over time, or can provide accountability for accomplishing long-term plans. After all, content creation is never really "done" – as your business grows and evolves, your needs will change as well.